Course Descriptions


Whitewater Downriver Race

Objective- Timed race from the top to the bottom of the course passing through 2 gates

Long Start- From above the dam, over the dam, through the course

Short Start- From the launching pad below the dam, through the course

There will be (1) downstream gate and (1) upstream gate. A downstream gate must be made while going downstream and an upstream must be passed through while going upstream. There will be no penalty for hitting a gate pole(s). Missing a gate or running it backwards will result in a disqualification (DQ) for that run.

Long Start is 1/3 mile long with the short start being 150’ shorter.

Each participant will be given (2) runs in each class they enter.

Whitewater classes will be

-Short Kayak 8’0” or less

-Long Kayak longer than 8’0”

-Duo Kayak (two person kayak)

-Race Kayak (Fiberglass or Carbon)

-Single Canoe

-Single Race Canoe (Fiberglass or Carbon)

-Twin Canoe

-Twin Race Canoe (Fiberglass or carbon)


-Ducky single (1 person inflatable)

-Ducky twin (2 person inflatable)

-Boogie Board

-Homemade boat

Each class will have a 1, 2 and 3rd place award.

Each class must have 3 participants for the event class to take place.

Homemade boat will be judged on style points and creativity along with cheering noise from the crowd.

Having an “out of boat” experience does not disqualify your run as long as you get back in and finish the course with all of your gear.

All boats (except ducky and homemade classes) must be designed for whitewater and have appropriate float bags for each boat. Paddlers need to wear the appropriate PFD/life jacket and helmet.  Safety is the decision maker. The Chief Official will have the final say.


Check out awesome course pictures here.