IRONBULL to deliver ‘Xtreme Weekends’

IRONBULL to deliver
‘Xtreme Weekends’

At the core of the IRONBULL™ mission is the desire to foster healthy lifestyles, economically develop and attract and retain millennials in the Wausau region. 

Millennials value a fitness-focused, pedestrian and bike friendly community, with lots of parks/green spaces for outdoor activities such as biking, jogging, snowboarding, and kayaking. Millennials also want their communities to offer farmer’s markets, affordable housing, craft breweries, and a relaxed lifestyle. They want their communities to be dog friendly, offer eclectic dining options, along with venues for music and the arts.

IRONBULL is all about lifestyle and combines recreational and extreme races such as off-road triathlons, ultra-marathons, winter triathlons, endurance and adventure races into a single Xtreme Racing Series.

The organization couples the races with ‘Xtreme Weekends’ that create a vibe that will electrify both the IRONBULL races and the community as a whole. We host summer and winter emerging sports that challenge athletes, while looking for the next challenge that will drive them to peak performance.

IRONBULL believes that by providing epic races coupled with a good dose of ‘Xtreme Weekend’ family fun, the Wausau region will become the next destination city for millennials to come and play, relocate to, or never leave due to our outdoor recreational venues. You might say, that we have it all right here in our backyard, from the best skiing in the Midwest, to the only urban whitewater course and some of the best singletrack off-road biking in the Great Lakes states.

IRONBULL™ is a non-profit 501(c)(3) extreme off-road race organization that develops, hosts and sponsors extreme racing venues: ultra-marathons, off-road triathlons, gravel and downhill mountain bike races, adventure races and paddling events.

Contact Information: 
Andrea Larson – Executive Director
200 Washington Street, Suite 200
PO Box 957
Wausau, WI 54402-0957

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