the Trophy

The IRONBULL™ Ring Trophy, a chiseled piece of red granite displaying the IRONBULL™ logo and the word “Champion,” sits on a wooden table.

The IRONBULL™ trophy began its life millions of years ago, deep in The City of Wausau’s granite quarry under the strict control of Mother Nature. Where molten volcanic heat created from the extreme pressures of Earth melded minerals such as quartz, feldspar, and iron into a single hardened stone as tough as the IRONBULL’s many games: ruby red granite. Prized for its longevity and cherished for its beauty, red granite is historically symbolic of royalty, strength, endurance, and victory.

The IRONBULL’s Ring trophy is chiseled from the single quarry located in Marathon County, known to have been producing ruby red granite for over 100 years. With the help of the quarry worker’s strength and machinery, the rock takes on a new life— a new beginning to its forever destiny as a cut and polished, hand-crafted trophy like no other. The ring trophy can be thought of as molded, chiseled, and forged by the heat and pressure of competition and bestowed upon only the World’s Greatest Athlete, symbolizing IRONBULL’s “TOUGHEST Of The TOUGH™.”

What’s even better than a hard-fought, well-earned victory? A simple word graced on each of the ruby red trophies etching out what each victor will know for themselves: CHAMPION.