IRONBULL Announces Wausau Rebrand

Ironbull Announces Plan to Rebrand Wausau

WAUSAU, Wis. (WAOW) — A central Wisconsin sports organization aims to make Wausau and the surrounding area the “Extreme Sports Capital of the United States.”

IRONBULL representatives held a news conference Wednesday afternoon to unveil their mission.

The non-profit will organize sports challenges using the area’s unique natural resources.

It’s an effort two-years in the making.

“The Ironbull really has the potential to change our community,” said IRONBULL Board President Tim Buchholz. “And we’re really excited to see where this goes and takes off and to really leverage all the outdoor recreation opportunities we have here.”

The first IRONBULL event, called the Rib Mountain Activity Challenge, takes place May 25. The organization has two other events planned later this year, followed by six events in 2020.