IRONBULL Plans to Remarket Wausau

Ironbull Markets Wausau as Extreme Sports Epicenter

WAUSAU, Wis. (WSAW) — A new events organization is working to market Wausau as the place for outdoor extreme events.

"This really is the epicenter for outdoor recreational sports,” explained IRONBULL Director of Marketing, Bill Bertram.

Wednesday, IRONBULL board members explained how the group came together and what the major goals of the competitions will include, specifically those not athletic in nature.

“We want our races to be more than just races. We want it to be more than just events. We want to spur the economy,” said Executive Director, Andrea Larson.

The IRONBULL umbrella will encompass one event already up and running; the Rib Mountain Adventure Challenge. It will add an ultra marathon, iron endurance bike race a winter triathlon and an extreme summer triathlon. 

IRONBULL’s name sake comes from “iron” found in local red granite, and “bull” from Big Bull Falls, Wausau’s original name.

Organizers say it only makes sense to market what locals already know is here— Rib Mountain, 9 Mile, Sylvan Hill, the Whitewater course along with all the other natural outdoor areas.

Tim Buchholz is on the IRONBULL board. He says IRONBULL will help attract millennials to the area.

“Research has shown that people in their 20's and 30's are really gravitating toward these types of sports, toward these types of challenges,” Buchholz explained.

Board members say spectators and participants are needed to get this new idea up and running.

The first event is May 25.

But, they say don’t let the “extreme” scare you away.

“There is a perception when you hear extreme of people saying, ‘that's not for me’. And we want people to consider- ‘why not?’ Why not give it a try, what do you have to lose by not doing it?" Larson said.

The group said their main goals are to foster healthy lifestyles, economically develop the area, and attract young people to Wausau.